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An important letter from Max Tornow:
This Might Be The Most Important Message Of Your Life...
Dear friend.
No matter how or why you've found this page... 
I wanted to thank you.

The simple fact that you’re reading these lines means that I have succeeded...

"Succeeded in what?" you might ask.

Let me explain, because I've been waiting for this moment for a long time... And I wanted to make sure it’s the right time to do this...

You probably know me as Max, the dating coach that has helped people all around the globe become a more self-actualized and attractive version of themselves...
I’ve toured the world four times giving seminars to tens of thousands of people and coaching clients 1:1 for years. And there's only ONE THING I’ve learned from all of that: 

All these bright, smart, hard-working people had exactly ONE thing in common: 

They wanted to create their own life – truly. 

Because many of them realized: getting their social life together and becoming more attractive was just the first step in taking control over their life, but it didn't end there...
It's time for the next step.
In fact, it was just the beginning.

Let me explain – my clients made significant improvements in their social lives to such a degree that they would feel confident, happy and attractive in any social setting, no matter where they’d go.

Yet, many of them still felt stuck in a 9-to-5 job… almost like it was eating them alive. You could see it in their eyes… it took the energy from them. It was one of those things that just didn’t seem right. And it made no sense to me.

You know, in game everyone talks about "being the alpha male, not following the crowd, being a leader, not being dependable on someone else, doing your own thing" and all that stuff...

Yet, somehow almost everyone seemed to ignore this when it came to their professional life. And the people I've talked to weren't even unaware of this, in fact – they WANTED to get out, they just didn’t know HOW TO.

A few of them were hustling on 'side-projects', using any free time they got to generate additional income... to retire wealthy, to ESCAPE having to show up to work, and maybe to buy some nice luxury items...

But it wasn't just the money – they wanted to do something that mattered. 

Something that made a difference in the world. Something that provided value to people.

And since this was missing in their professions... 
It evoked the following question in them: 

"When I die and leave this earth, what will I leave behind?" – don't worry, we will get back to that later...

For now let me tell you, no matter what your motivations might be: 
If there's just ONE thing I learned not only in SELF DEVELOPMENT but also in BUSINESS, then it's THIS…

You've probably seen it. And you've also probably done it:
1. You picked one area in your life. 
2. You realized what your current situation in that area is.
3. You decided that it shall NOT be like this for the rest of your life.
4. You spotted the flaws and deficiencies.
5. You did some research about what to do.
6. You found somebody that seemed to know what they're talking about.
7. You followed their advice, applied it and saw different results than before.
1. You picked one area in your life. 

2. You realized what your current situation in that area is.

3. You decided that it shall NOT be like this for the rest of your life.

4. You spotted the flaws and deficiencies.

5. You did some research about what to do.

6. You found somebody that seemed to know what they're talking about.

7. You followed their advice, applied it and saw different results than before.
Pretty simple, right? Now this could be areas like your health and fitness. This can be your social life. This can be your happiness and overall well-being. It can also be your financial situation.
No matter what area of your life it is, important is to claim the power to change your life.
And I did exactly that myself.
I came to the US as a college dropout from Austria… with no money (or I should rather say $16,000 in debt) and just a single pair of shoes. I started working as an intern for a dating advice company.
For an entire year I worked for FREE and eventually became an instructor, having the opportunity to travel the world giving seminars while building my own brand. I was excited, because I slowly started to make some money while doing something I truly loved.

I was putting in the effort to transform my life to another level.
Now I have 3 businesses, an incredibly talented team around me and I’m even running my own model agency. I can spend my time with friends and loved ones, traveling the world, having fun while my businesses keep running for me. 

I don't have to work to survive anymore and - more importantly! - I have the time and energy to thrive.

I can afford whatever I want, I don't have to save for anything and I'm barely even twenty-eight years old. 
But most importantly, I have TIME

I avoided building something that would entrap me in a golden cage. Quite the opposite. 

Instead of becoming my own work’s slave, I wanted to become more and more independent and free the more money I earned. Please, NEVER make the mistake of being lured into a shiny, well-paid job where you’re STILL forced to trade your personal freedom for a piece of paper.

Because of this simple truth, I now have the time to do go snowboarding, to strengthen my body at the gym, to meditate, to enjoy the beauty of nature and also to visit my favorite gaming events (I'm quite a big Counter-Strike and Starcraft II fan, haha).

Simply put: Every day I feel inspired, because I’m truly living my dream. 
From Nothing to Something. And don't worry, this is not me bragging. I don't have to. What I found was that some people really need to be shown what's possible in order to get motivated and take action - Despite the fact that NONE of this was achieved by going down the "nice, quick and easy path" that millions have already walked on...

None of this was randomly given to me or "the Gods showing mercy to me"... 

No, I committed myself to strive for nothing but excellence, listening to smart people, showing up every time and putting in the hours of hard work (which later became smart work ;) and thus, reaping the fruits of my juicy results today...

And to be FAIR, most of us WON'T even have as bad of a start as I had. 

Most people already HAVE a secure job, HAVE two college degrees, HAVE some friends outside work that support them, HAVE wife and kids, HAVE a nice house that is paid off in 20 years, and HAVE a normal life as a "good citizen" of the world... I think you get the gist.

However... Regardless of what you're trying to achieve: 
There's more to life than just paying bills.
Realize, life is meant to be enjoyed.

To decide where you want to work, how you want to work, when you want to work, how much you want to work, what you want to work on and also being able to decide how much you want to pay yourself.

And once you have control over all these factors, then you have what I call a Freedom Business.

It's a place where you can be yourself (fully and unlimited!) without having to put on a fake smile, suit & tie for your boss and your co-workers. It's a place where you don't have to ask your boss for permission to spend a week on Hawaii, Fiji, Timbuktu or Ibiza...

Because this is the framework me and my clients are opting for: 
NEVER die thinking 'what if...'
Ever. Because thinking these two words is the most painful thing a person could ever endure. Especially if you’re thinking them every day.

 – "What if I tried out this crazy thing once?"
 – "What if I pursued this other opportunity?"
 – "What if I just took the chance?"

It's endless. And it never stops. For days, for weeks, for months, for years, for decades... time passes.

Until eventually you're 76 years old, you wake up and you are on your deathbed, your relatives, your wife, your children and your grandchildren are assembled around you and before you begin to wonder "what if..." – It's all GONE. Forever. And you can't get it back. Time is over. 

Now I suggest we just leave it there and focus on what's HERE and NOW.
So... This brings us to the following question:
WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO start a business?
You basically have two options: You can sell either a product or a service. 
But I would NOT recommend selling a product. Here's why...
  • High Costs: The entry barrier here is relatively high due to the large amounts of capital needed to start and get momentum going.
  • High Risks: Unless you're doing extensive market research, the probability that you’ll develop something nobody wants in the end is extremely high.
  • Low Margins: Once you do sell, you're often left with approx. 20% profit margins, so you'd have to make substantially more revenue in order for it all to be worth it.
  • Lean: You don't need much. And you can start with the bare minimum of what's necessary – You, your smartphone, a laptop and some WiFi.
  • Control: Since you're able to determine your own prices, you're in control of your income and can adjust based on how much you want to work.
  • Returns: Done right, you may achieve higher profit margins than anywhere else, meaning that you can also enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
i wish someone had explained THis to me 10 years ago...
There's lots of things you can do and thereby lots of confusion...

People tell you to "sell stuff on Amazon”, start a blog, build a software company (“become the next Zuckerberg!”), become an Instagram influencer etc... and yes, sure, you could try all of these! (I'll explain in a few seconds why you shouldn’t, but more on that later.)

But you need to understand this: "Money is only earned when something is sold!"
Sounds like common sense, doesn't it? It does. But common sense isn't common practice, unfortunately.

So no matter what people are trying to get you into – if you are promised to earn money without ever selling anything – it's probably a scam and you should beware of such schemes.

Now, I assume you want to build something that lasts (hopefully) and something that's legit – and most importantly: Something that you don't have to hide from the world because you'd be screwed if someone found out. 

Good. We're on the same page then. So we know that in order to make money, we have to sell something. But what kind of things can we sell? 
Well there are two main options to do so: 
Either by offering a product or by offering a service.
A physical product might not be the best idea to start with – you have to store the items, order stuff from China (if you're not manufacturing it yourself), invest a great amount of money into it, wait for months until it arrives, realize it doesn't sell properly, aaaand you're done. Gameover.

And don't get me wrong – if you have this sort of "play money" where you just drop $10,000 somewhere and don't worry about whether it's bringing returns – then go ahead, you might as well experiment around!

But most people won't have this kind of "luxury" when they first start out and decide they want to become an entrepreneur. By the way, the same principle applies to virtual products

You might have an IDEA that YOU think is cool and that you ultimately want to pursue. You may start to create some content, record videos of 40 hour lengths, put it all in a course and tell people about it... 

Only to find out that you've developed something completely off the market that nobody really needs, after it's already too late... but hey, at least it's better than doing NOTHING, right?

And despite being driven and ambitious, all of these efforts have one thing in common: 

They are trying to shove fancy ideas and concepts down peoples' throats, without ever asking what they REALLY need (it's pretty ego-driven if you ask me.)
And here's the kicker: You DON'T even need ALL OF THIS to start making money...
So instead of that, I recommend starting with a service providing type of business: 

Coaching, consulting, or doing the service yourself FOR other people.

Which is great, since we’re in the digital age anyway, meaning: we're getting rid of all costs that arise from physical objects. It’s become so incredibly easy to start something on your own desk – you just need a laptop and an internet connection. That's it.

You're quite lucky, because in the "old world" you were bound to one specific location and in order to survive you had to maintain this "territory of customers". Now with the power of the Internet, everyone is suddenly available to you through means of social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever it may be...
Almost everyone I've coached in the past was coached by me ONLINE. They were from North America, Western Europe, Australia, South America, Eastern Europe... (I've even had people from the north pole lol), so these are golden times to start a business, it's all location-independent.

And it's not even that I'm AGAINST any other opportunities. It's just that I couldn't even show you ANYTHING ELSE. I’m making several millions of dollars with coaching every year. And that’s the only thing I’ve ever done.

So again: There are three kinds of businesses you can start today: 
Coaching, consulting and service providing.
three most profitable businesses you can start today
This can be anything – you could advise people on their health and fitness, on their personal styling, coach them through fears or simply help them become a better version of themselves. For me, it was coaching men in social interaction and relationships ;)
If you're great at finding bottlenecks, hidden potentials and improvising, then you might have the innate ability to consult people, spot their weaknesses, and be ready to improve their personal and professional lives with solutions they haven't thought of before.
service providing
Whether you're managing social media accounts for local businesses, building websites or creating high-quality videos that bring more business, you're doing something FOR other people. This might be the highest paid of these three, since your clients will have the least work to do.
some real-life "GOLDMINE" examples (hard to swallow...)
Some people might wonder... "What if I don't have any skills?"
Well, I've seen some crazy stuff in the past...
People making money with a whole lot of unbelievable offers...

Like this guy from Germany showing other anglers how to catch zanders (what the...?)

Yep. And just as a side note: They're actually one of the most-difficult-to-fish, so this coaching has shown itself very worthwhile for infatuated anglers... :)

Or a woman who is teaching other mothers how they can make their baby fall asleep faster. Within minutes their babies stop crying, resulting in a better and healthier life for the family as the baby grows up...

Or check this out: A spiritual elderly lady coaching heirs that inherited a huge sum of money on how to handle this new and "unfamiliar" situation now... (she's a life saver, isn't she? :))

Another guy is paying his way by coaching high net worth individuals that are afraid of flying to let go of their anxiety. These businessmen might have to take an important flight in order to climb up the corporate ladder. And they'd easily pay a few thousand bucks to get rid of this nerve-racking obstacle ;)

You see, these are real cases of quite common talent – just positioned correctly! On top of that: It's actually only a tiny fraction of what's possible. So don't worry if I didn't mention them by name right now, because you will meet them sooner or later ;)
Important to note though: You might not need one of those "special, niched down and exotic offers" in order to just make 10k per month...
It can still be just a "boring and normal" service like webdesign, copywriting, relationship advice, fitness coaching or anything else that's already on people's radar - as long it provides value to them...

And if you're still clueless what you could offer... 

THEN you might want to follow this simple three-step process in order to uncover your hidden genius:

1.) You actually ALREADY HAVE some strengths and abilities that may appear to others like magic powers – you just aren't aware of them right now. – We can help you figure them out.

2.) In a short space of time, you can LEARN NEW tangible skills and accumulate valuable knowledge other people would pay you money for. – We can teach you these skills and help you become a fast learner.

3.) Gathering these insights, you find people who need you the most and will pay you in amounts that make you question remaining an employee at your current job. – We can teach you how to start this “quest” and make it your own adventure.

Just to be clear: You still have to put in the hard work to make it happen. There's no "get rich easy". The examples I've showed you aren't "quick fixes" either. They do required some background "expert knowledge" in order for these people to make it happen.
Soo, my dear friend...
  • ​If you've been playing with the idea of becoming self-employed "someday" for quite some time... 
  • ​If you dream of creating your own life on your own terms... 
  • ​If you’ve always wanted to do something that matters (to you and the world)...  
  • ​If you're just starting out as an entrepreneur and you feel a little bit lost...
  •  If you're already building your own business and want to get to the next level...
...then I might have something for you:
Let's be honest: I firmly believe that when it comes to my clients’ results, there's NOBODY who achieved that many breakthroughs in others.
And I’ve always made sure they were having a good time... ;)
And my enthusiasm for my clients hasn’t changed. It’s even become more serious to me.
Look, I've helped people transform their social circles and love lives. I’ve taught them how to become more interesting, charismatic and attractive… been doing all that for years...

And while I was doing all that, I was learning quite interesting things myself...

Things like "How do I start a business?", "How did I build a brand", "How do I provide value to the world?", "How do I get people to pay me for solving their problems?" – all questions that people ask me now...

Because you never stop learning, right?

But that's not enough. I've gained responsibility. For my family. For my clients. For my followers. 
The shiny "Instagram influencer days" are well gone...

This is why I decided to put all my knowledge, strategies, methods, tactics and abilities into a full-action mentoring program where I show you how to find your hidden abilities, develop tangible skills to solve high-paid problems, get your first clients and be able to quit your job within 90 days!

Yes, you read right: I personally want to become your mentor in guiding you on your journey to freedom.
First of all, be aware: This is gonna be intense. I will invest a lot of time into this mentoring.
I've been doing close mentorships for quite some time now and we’ve seen incredible results.
– both for me and my clients.

At this point I'm not in it for the money anymore, I've already made it.
Doesn't trigger me anymore – it’s something far bigger now ;)

Because now I'm helping others excel in life, making their dreams come true, realizing their full potential and delivering them results.

So, as you can see, this is NOT for any random person. As it turns out, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. It's tough. And you have to be serious about it.

The good news is, we've already done most of the heavy lifting for you – you just need to execute.
The bad news is, we can't let everyone into this program and this is why you can’t just sign up for it online...
You have to APPLY for this mentorship.
I'm pretty sure you know I've got some following behind me and I'm honestly flattered and humbled to be influencing so many people!

And like I said, most of them are not just into becoming more attractive and improving their social life, but they also share the dream of becoming self-employed one day, doing their own thing, traveling the world, making good money and enjoying their freedom. Therefore, most of them would certainly jump on this major opportunity as soon as they can.

At the same time, I know for a fact that this kind of mentoring can only work if my mentees have personal access to me, my team and my input, so I can ensure actual results.

This also means that we can't help everybody. 

We are going to expect huge demand for this mentoring so it will be necessary to apply for it. I want to make sure that the people I pick for this program are highly committed action takers who are able to make decisions, willing to invest in themselves and wanting to create themselves a good life.
If this is what you're looking for, keep reading – you will find all the information about the mentoring program on this page!
to your SUCCESS.
  • Video-Training: Max personally recorded all of the principles and systems he used on his journey to become financially independent and included them into this exclusive & comprehensive training.
  • Zero-to-Hero-Concept: We designed the mentoring in a way that even absolute beginners could learn how to start a business, do what they love and finally be able to quit their job.
  • 12-Week-Program: Massive Transformation progress within the shortest possible time!
Personalized GROUP-
COACHING with Max.
  • Live-Coaching-Calls with Max: 
    Members can ask Max their individual questions via videochat for 90 minutes every week and get his personal opinion to any topic.
  •  Exclusive Coaching-Group on FB: Max & his coaching team are available for you in a closed community and making sure you achieve progress.
  • Winner Community: Like attracts like. You’ll be in touch with other positive people that share the same drive and mission and are going to push you to the next level.
MINDSET-TRAINING with Millionaire-Mentors.
  • Live-Calls with VIP-Coaches: On top of the calls with Max you have access to experts and can ask them about their area of expertise & know-how in live videochats.
  • Millionaire-Mentors: Some of the mentors in the training are - just like Max - Self-Made-Millionaires, who will share their world insights, mindsets and network with you.
Here’s the necessary CRITERIA for acceptance into the mentoring program with Max:
  • Outside the box thinkers: This is for the people daring to change the world, for people going against the mainstream, for people who KNOW they are destined for something bigger.
  • Work Ethic: You don't dread hard work – quite the opposite– you actually enjoy the process of putting in the hours that are necessary to build your OWN LIFE.
  • Positive Energy: You have a positive outlook on life and are able to push through challenges whenever they occur - you stay motivated and keep moving towards your goals.
  • Complete Ownership: You understand that it’s YOUR LIFE you are responsible for and no matter what happens to you, there's at least 80% of things, thoughts and actions you can CONTROL.
What can the mentoring program help you with?
  • Stop doing what you hate: If you currently feel stuck in a 9-to-5-job that you don't enjoy, it's our primary goal to get you to be able to quit that sucker – without losing your financial stability in the process.
  • Start doing what you love: In order for that to work, we'll find out what you're naturally good at (even if you don't know the answer to that yet), which problems you can solve for others and get paid in such amounts that you'll never have to worry about your paycheck again.
  • Becoming your own boss: Once you're ready to fully commit to your new venture and can confidently rely on your solid second income stream, (exceeding your current job) then it's time to say goodbye to your boss and finally become your own. 
  • Becoming financially independent: Now that you are wholeheartedly involved in your business, we can work out together how you can open the gates of prosperity and really make a difference – in the world, on your bank account, in your family, everywhere.
1. You apply for the mentoring program.
The mentoring program with Max is very intense – both in terms of time and in terms of action taking. This means we can only select a handful of people that fit a certain criteria. Therefore, in order to become a part of it, you need to apply for it.
2. My enrollment team will call you and speak with you.
One of my team members will call and discuss with you what's your current situation, what's the things you want to accomplish, what obstacles you might face and how we can help you bridge this gap.
3. I will personally choose the people who get to join.
Once I get a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit in, I will decide whether you get to join the mentoring program or not. No matter the outcome, you will receive feedback from us what happens next.
You have to invest in yourself.
Let me get this straight: This mentoring program requires an active investment in yourself.
This is NOT one of these cheesy, tacky online courses that teaches you how to "get rich quick"...

NOPE. (but nice try ;)

Our clients only get phenomenal results, because they are supervised by me and my mentoring team. A team that keeps them accountable if they slack off, fall behind or don't apply what they’ve learned.
It literally "forces" people to take action and leaves them no other choice than getting results.
And I designed it this way on purpose. – You want to know why? 

Because this right here is FOR DOERS. I'd rather have a small group of action takers, than a whole bunch of lazy a**es who don't do sh*t.

We are very picky when it comes to choosing new clients because we know how one single negative person can spoil the whole group if they have the wrong mentality and mindset.

So, should you qualify for the mentoring program and are accepted into it, then you will also meet a lot of other action takers that are striving for success and are pushing themselves to the next level.
It's not unusual that people make new valuable friendships and find potential business partners in this winner community...

On top of that, you've probably seen that I care about my clients achieving real tangible results. And that’s why I don’t mind putting in a little more “manual effort" than usual to serve all these highly committed people, because I know it will be worth it.

I've seen it in the close mentorships I had in the past...
I can turn raw diamonds into sharp, cutting-edge, super highly valuable brilliants.

Now, if you're somebody that fulfills these base requirements, then we can do a lot of great things together ;)
KEEP IN MIND: You have to act now!
My team and I have set aside some time for you to talk about how you can become your own boss, break free from your 9-to-5 job, start your own business and escape the matrix!

But here's the catch: You gotta act now.

We can’t estimate how many people we can accept into the program until the limit is reached. We'd rather close this mentorship to the public until we're able to create new capacities again, before the quality of service goes down for our existing clients.

However, the fact that you are able to read these lines, means that we still have some available seats open...

As you know, I got a decent amount of followers, so this can change radically in an instant – one shoutout on Instagram and we'll have to close applications again for a while.

Of course, we give smart people who already applied and made it through the application process priority over the latest ones wanting to join the program – first come first serve.

So to raise your chances of being chosen, you should apply as early as you can.

If you're ready to take the next step, then click on the button below, fill out the application and follow further instructions. We will then contact you as soon as possible and give you feedback as to whether you are accepted into the program.
Apply now for the mentoring program!
Be aware: Available seats for the mentoring program are highly limited.
We can only select and accept a small group of highly committed people for our mentoring program. In order to join, you have to apply and see if you qualify.
Click on the button below to fill out your application:
Please note: The application process for new attendees is open for a short period of time ONLY.
You have to apply now, if you want to get a chance to get personal mentoring with Max.
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